Why Social Progressivism

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Social progressives are secularists, believing that science and secular philosophy have discredited most traditional beliefs to the point where they no longer hold any inherent value.

Social progressivism is not to be confused with social liberalism. Social progressives tend to concentrate more on defining the rationale for having the rights necessary for a specific situation than do social liberals.

These definitions presuppose that social progressives are smarter than social liberals. Connecting the two to socialism, one surmises that social progressivism is the intelligential branch of socialism. Social liberals are the worker bees of socialism. Social liberals act out what social progressives believe. Because they bought into the social progressives’ inherent value.

What is inherent value? Do social progressives actually think they are smarter than others because they define rationales?

Inherent value is an individually defined quality. Who can make judgments on one’s inherent value but the individual? The meaning of life means different things to different people. The meaning’s value is based on a person’s background, upbringing, genetics, etc. Inherent value cannot be mass produced as social progressives believe and social liberals accept.

Along comes a group of intellectuals called social progressive judging inherent values for a society, in our case the American society. Who authorized or appointed these social progressives, to be makers of inherent values?

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For Example

The inherent value of a Christian can be summed up as belief in an all knowing, all seeing God represented by His Son, Jesus.

The inherent value of a social progressive is summed up in anti-traditionalism. Basically, truths learn from experience are to be avoided, even discarded. An anti-traditionalist cannot, by definition, then be wise because wisdom is derived from experience.

Social progressive, anti-traditionalism in America is basically, anti-Christian. But Christians give no mind to persecution. They and their lineage, the Jewish nation, have been persecuted throughout history. So back to social progressivism today.

Social progressives committed to anti-traditionalism can rationalize any behavior. Situational ethics play constantly with surrounding circumstances. In other words, you, the individual can do as you feel. The inherent value of traditional truths be damned, even if they are time-tested such as ‘Thou shall not kill’.

Within anti-traditionalism, people are to feel no judgment. This non-judgmental stance attracts the non-thinking, social liberals. With the social progressives leading, the anti-traditional masses of social liberals is swelling. Why? Because the only prerequisite for anti-traditionalism is historical ignorance.

More to come!