The Age of Historical Ignorance

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Anti-traditionalism is the cornerstone for social progressives and their minions, today’s social liberals. Historical ignorance is the product of this anti-traditionalism. Understanding the benefits of anti-traditionalism and historical ignorance motivates social progressives to continually push their agenda.

The first benefit for social progressives was creating an environment for themselves to build on their inherent wealth. Secondly, social progressives have created beneficial environments for their social liberal minions - the minions that carry out the progressives’ marching ideological orders.

Some of their minions rule academia – alas their beneficial environment. Other minions, such as media types, receive access to powerful people and circumstances. These benefit themselves with elevated social status. Some elected officials benefit financially, legally and illegally.

All these benefits rely on an ignorant populous. That’s why social progressives established the anti-traditionalism cornerstone. Without traditions there is no historical background to burden the masses. Whether tax-paying peasants or the non-taxpaying suckers who absorb meager social handouts, the results are the same. Historical ignorance is the prerequisite for selling social liberalism to the masses, especially in the United States.

Europeans and Asians may have a grasp of history and culture, but they have never experienced freedom like in the former United States of America. Their historical ignorance is measured by their lack of democratic experience coupled with limited personal, economic mobility.

Historical ignorance fueled by anti-traditionalism has vaulted into social prominence within the U.S. Today’s pop-culture baths aimlessly in regular doses of historical ignorance. Theirs is a blissful, anti-traditional existence wrapped in following the famous and envying the rich/wealthy.

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Public education is the blame for this age of historical ignorance. Once the bastion of freedom and liberty, U.S. public educational system has been infiltrated with social progressives and their anti-traditional ideology.

Some call this the numbing of the masses. Why not call it what it is. Historical ignorance is a lazy way to live one’s life – a life void of responsibilities. There’s no learning historical or cultural facts. There’s no experience with ethical right and wrong boundaries. There’s no behavioral judgments to repress one’s actions. We are witnessing humans reverting to their inherent animal origins. Hence, we have today’s pop-culture.

After anti-traditionalism created a moral void, indecision became the norm. Indecisive people yearn for immediate gratification or instant pleasure to hide their ignorance. They know who did what in the pop-culture. They are clueless as to what came before yesterday. Basically, their attentions are dictated by social liberals governing major media outlets and news cycles.

This translates into the need for social stimulation. After all, if you’re not going to be grounded in the things that make history and traditions valuable, you have to look elsewhere for stimulation.

Pop-culture has married the social aspects of stimulation with the need to belong and be led. Electronic devices stimulate the need to belong. And social progressives have harnessed the need to be led with one prime motivator.

Electronic devices connect people and groups of people. (ex. Facebook, Instagram) Other devices entertain and captivate large amounts of their leisure time. (ex. Sports on TV) In the anti-traditionalists’ world, socializing time is highly valuable. Time to learn about cultural or historical traditions is rare to non-existent. As is wisdom when defined as knowledge tempered by historical experience.

Social progressives have long known how to motivate the masses. Their ideas have been assimilated and used successfully by many dictators. Social progressives have only one control problem. How do you infuse fear into a democratic society of free people such as in the United States?

More to come on fear…….