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The election of Socialist Democrats in 2018 baffles all sense of logic. Who is voting for socialism? Don’t these people know that once a socialist nation ALWAYS a socialistic nation?

Play socialism forward in the United States today. What do you get in a short time under socialism? You get a debtor nation like Brazil or Greece with out of control inflation. You get poverty with small patches of wealth scattered throughout the land. You get multi-cultureless society because of the open borders. You get multi-national drug cartels in league with the wealthy keeping the masses sedated with mind-numbing pills. You get a county ready for military takeover by China or Russia.

The concerted efforts of a few wealthy are dead set on making the United States of America, a European model nation. Sure European nations have national health care. The cost of which is 50-80 percent of a workers paycheck. (Do you think the voters in this election know this? Of course not.) Europe has relatively no military forces. NATO is the United States military. With a socialist United States, that once mighty military will be starved into oblivion by social programs. The result is a defenseless Europe and United States.

If these socialist voters think the United States will maintain is economic and military world leadership, they are out of their ever-loving minds. These short minded voters live in a country that has been secured by the military. They have forgotten we would be all speaking German or Japanese if it weren’t for our World War II victory. During World War I and World War II the socialistic nations of Europe were easily overrun by Germany. The United States had to come to their rescue.

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Voters of socialism think the revenue from taxes today will continue into the future. They are dead WRONG! Socialism wipes out the America’s middle class and its ‘American Dream’. They are the tax producers. They buy goods produced wherever. They are the backbone of our presently capitalistic nation. Without the middle class, the United States taxes vanish, and so does the stability of the U.S. dollar!

The mighty corporations are taken over by government. They are run like the United States Postal Service or the Veteran’s Administration. That is they are run by mindless bureaucrats with political connections and no administrative knowledge. Gasoline, toilet paper, food shortages are the norm. These voters of socialism accept these circumstances because of government feeds them feel good ‘Save the Planet’ bull shit.

Socialism gives and that’s what the voters want. They want handouts. They want healthcare. They want unlimited unemployment. They want no restrictions on welfare. They want subsidized housing. If they work in the government factorizes, they want high paying union jobs. Mob controlled unions invade American work centers. Education for all becomes education for the rich. With the spiking poverty, kids are taken out of school and put to work somewhere, somehow. The United States becomes more ignorant than the socialism voters of today!

The politicians promise these handouts but have excuses for not delivering. They blame the non-socialism, opposition party that they keep around to by their whipping boys. Instead these politicians suck the public treasury dry. An example of politicians of tomorrow’s socialistic United States is the next presumptive Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Flashback – During Pelosi’s last Speaker term her Air Force travel expenses cost taxpayers $2.1 million including $101,429 for in-flight booze and food in two years. In socialism, all the politicians will be like Nancy Pelosi as long as they can keep the United States afloat. Eventually, this lure of power and control looses is luster when reality hits.

As in Europe, the U.S. politicians will settle for prestige and fine clothes in their elected power positions. As enthusiastic campaigners of socialism today, playing it forward, politicians become beggars of the wealthy – tomorrow.

Who are the wealthy in socialistic countries? They are the Biblical ‘money changers’. Those that control banking institutions, control people. They are the financiers of this socialistic revolt in the United States.

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Short-sided socialism voters have no idea what’s coming. They don’t play it forward. They are ignorant of what makes, or maybe made the United States great.

The only way to sidetrack this socialistic movement is to Vote Out The Bums – every incumbent, every election. Good Luck to the United States of American.

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