The Genius of Trump

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Did you hear this BRILLIANT move President Trump made to stick it to Russia and the Saudis? I’m sure you did NOT, because the Media is too busy in their NEVER-ENDING efforts to make Americans hate Trump.

Let me help inform you, how easily your opinion is being steered by your news media. This explains how in his Friday Rose Garden address, President Trump quite deftly made an end-run around a part of the current crisis that the Saudis created last Monday.

Saudi Arabia Floods Market with Ultra Low Price Oil to Crash Market, Take out US Oil… HE BOUGHT IT ALL!!!

So Saudi Arabia just ’so happened’ to flood the market with ultra low cost oil at the same time that our stock markets were crashing due to Corona Virus (as if that wasn’t planned) in an attempt to crash the US markets as well as to put US oil companies out of business.

US Oil producers need about $30 per barrel of oil and conveniently Saudi Arabia dumped oil at around +- $20 per barrel to hurt both Russia and America.

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Well… Just so happens that Obama had lowered our strategic oil reserves for his slush fund and then spent the dough buying votes. So there’s plenty of room in our storage facilities for lots more oil.

So… instead of what would have been an economic disaster, taking the USA from being a top Oil producer down to being the #1 in the number of oil companies going out of business…President Trump saw the move as a great deal on oil, at ultra low prices… So he declared a national emergency, freeing up US Federal Funds which allowed him to suck up all the oil that Saudi Arabia dumped on the market, at a super low price for the USA Strategic Reserves!

That move basically sucked all the wind out of Saudi Arabia’s attempt to crash the oil market and got us millions of gallons of oil for our oil reserves… in ONE MOVE!

If you read this far, you are more informed and independent thinking than the average radical liberal.

And this, THIS is why having a “Business Minded” President is better than having a “Progressive” Minded President!

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