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Am miffed why talk show hosts avoid the obvious cause of America’s unrest. Simply stated, we citizens are in a battle with the uncivilized. This battle is side-stepped by media giants. (Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, CNN and local conservative talk shows) The truth hurts, news people – using that term loosely.

A universal battle between the civilized and the uncivilized has raged since man and his human nature began inhabiting earth. Since the uncivilized are the enemies, we should define their situation second. They are the terrorists posing as peaceful protesters and deserve very little ink.

Historically speaking being civilized is commonly defined as an advanced state of human society containing highly developed forms of government, culture, industry, and common social norms. Culture refers to a shared way of life among a particular group of people.

A civilized person is described as being the opposite of barbarity. A civilized person is polite and courteous; s/he knows culturally polite greetings and congenital conversation practices. A civilized group of people is characterized by being socially and technologically advanced. Civilized people can discuss all issues unemotionally because emotions cloud judgments and become judgmentally divisive.

A person is civilized when they behave politely. Civilized people leave emotions where they belong – at birthdays, weddings, sporting events, comedy clubs, etc.  Meetings of the mind produce successful results, without emotions blurring their decisions.

What are the requirements to be uncivilized? The uncivilized are uneducated or ignorant or power hungry. They could be a combination of all three.

The uneducated, uncivilized terrorist has no historical background. History along with the rest of grammar school subject matter has no meaning. The uneducated are streetwise and conditioned to survive. They protest for money and to vent their inner aggression’s. And once in a while, they bring home a stolen 60 inch flat screen TV.

The ignorant, uncivilized terrorists combine bitterness and faultfinding into an insatiable quest for happiness. Happiness being an emotion can never be unanimously obtained. These uncivilized terrorize with no end in site. Even the protest money they earn is unrewarding.

The power hungry uncivilized are the most dangerous of the bunch. These uncivilized have some brainpower borrowed from foreign political philosophies (like socialism, communism or Marxism). They are motivated by the HOPE of becoming a leader in this new replacement society. Non-democratic political systems cater to their leaders living luxuriously. The non-leaders live barely above the poverty line. Examples of this uncivilized, ultra-selfishness include the Clintons, Biden, Bernie, Pelosi, Schumer and most of the Democrat party. Some GOP can be included, also.

Take your mind off the irrational and get fictionalized with the 1 Law 4 All series. Politicians’ secret lives exposed as you can only imagine.


Rules from a third grade classroom is a great starting point.

News programs could start there. News commentator’s could use grade school techniques with their guest. Instead of allowing the democrat to talk over everyone with nonsense, keep the topic on point. Don’t allow anyone to wonder off the main point with bizarre inferences or hearsay claims. Civil discussions foster possible solutions for everyone.

Government could reinforce civility in Congress using third grade classroom techniques, too. Lying about others and their motivations are not acceptable. Misstating or misrepresenting political opponents demeans congressional respect. Only the truth is allowed. Those politicians caught lying or misreporting should get reprimanded and a heavily fined. Hit them in the pocket book to a tune of thousands of dollars. That might get their civility in gear.

Schools, no matter what they’re teaching can practice civil discussions. Sports teams play by the rules. Most of the time they exemplify civility, no matter how the sport is played. The players play by the rules. Simple – the uncivilized should try it.

On television, in general, ALL confrontations should redirect complaints into reasonable discourse and possible solutions. Newscasters that encourage ‘Jerry Springer’ moments should be sanctioned. Civility must be modeled. Otherwise the uncivilized will continually display their roots of bitterness in their faultfinder, insatiable quest for the unknown!

The uncivilized are not chronic complainers. Chronic complainers vent and move on. Today’s domestic terrorists complain without any constructive reasons. Their motivation is simply money for the rock throwing bunch. For the rest of the uncivilized, destructive venting only satisfies a person’s need for exercise. These uncivilized puppets willing expose themselves to danger for wealthy people’s money. These puppet masters will have no need for the uncivilized terrorist after the protests. Their task will switch to tilling dirt and harvesting fields.

Only through an advanced state of human society can we continue to exist peacefully. Historically, peace between humans rarely continues for long periods of time. EDUCATION and MODELING from multiple parts of society can MAYBE hold back the current tide of UN-civilizing the United States.

Turn the tide back to civilization in the United States. VOTB – Vote Out The Bums. In this next election to eliminate the uncivilized in Congress – merely VOTB all the DEMOCRATS. Their corrupt party BLACKMAILS EVERY DEM IN OFFICE – vote the way Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer tell you or we, the national democrat party, will fight AGAINST your re-election. For democrats – the ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS. Anyone up for some more terrorism!

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