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It’s about time I get back to telling you like it is out here in ‘common sense’ land. The question we ‘Tax Paying Citizens’ (TPCs) are asking – ‘Why destroy what our Founding Fathers began in 1776!’

America was founded on the principles of freedom. We TPCs want to be free from the Mid-Evil type of European governments just like our founders intended. Unfortunately, some politicians are trying to take us ‘back in time’ to that European style of government.

Earlier blog on feudalism: https://mythoughtsescape.com/blog/2010/05/17/through-the-eyes-of-feudalism/

Socialists supporting feudalism in the 1700s decided on tactics to control people. Socialist politicians in the USA are using the same Mid-Evil techniques today. They simply own all the major financial institutions and media outlets.

Why control people? MONEY and POWER foster a kind of sinister evil backed by ‘The end justifies the means’ philosophy.’ Catching the illusion of control is like trying to grab a handful of smoke. It cannot be done BUT ignorant politicians can be found trying like Obama or AOC.

Obama was financially challenged before becoming a US Senator for the corrupt state of Illinois. After being a puppet for the Socialistic movement, he lives with the wealthy on Martha’s Vineyard. This intelligently vacant ‘BSer’ is providing comic relief for his impeded wealthy neighbors.

AOC goes from tending bar, living in squalor, to a multi-million dollar house. She blabbered her way into congress on backs of the poor still living in squalor.

Take your mind off the irrational and get fictionalized with the 1 Law 4 All series. Politicians’ secret lives exposed as you can only imagine.

TPCs are being legislated into socialism by materialistic politicians like obama and aoc. They add to their bank accounts every time they support laws or executive orders putting more layers of control on TPCs.

These selfish politicians march to the socialistic drum ignorantly turning to communism as their goal. As the most corrupt woman in the world once said (paraphrased), “I wish the US was more like China. There a few unelected people make the country’s decisions. Our system is too cumbersome.” Thank you hillary for being honest this one time!

This is the beginning of the ‘WHY move the USA to socialism’ series. Politics is a sewer of human debris. America has democrat politicians that hate good and love evil (abortion, taxes, open borders, etc.) Their judgments are based on bribes. They shun the TPCs will. They support foreigners’ vs. our own military and police veterans and the homeless. More to come as we attempt to throw out the trash.

Ask yourself where is the line between selfish greed and the common good. Today’s politicians have blurred that line with suitcases full of bribes in all forms. They embody ALL the evil intentions a human being can muster.

Vote Out The Bums – every democrat at every level of government would be a good start. We will continue with our unbelievable ‘Why’ series next time.

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