Conversation 3: Distractions

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This fantasy of conversations continues. People are fictional. Ideas are what they are!

Man 3: At first I thought this place would be too public for our meeting, but the Villas are discrete and tucked away from the masses.

Man 2: If we really want to move the financial capital to Dubai, the Jumeirah Beach could become our flagship hotel. When did you build it?

Man 4: Many years ago, when Dubai was just a dream. A dream just like Las Vegas was to the American gangsters back in the 50’s. Wasn’t sure about this investment at first, but the agents and fronts are impressed and entertained when we bring them in for meetings like the ‘responses to public discontent’ this past winter.

Man 1: The U.S. ‘Tea Party’ strategy backfired. Our agents didn’t infiltrate their protest with any rock throwing, loud-mouthed activists’ fronts.

Man 2: But our media fronts did a wonderful job downplaying the parties’ significance and confusing their message.

Man 3: That should cause more frustration to bubble over into public unrest. We’re seeing isolated tragedies becoming more frequent. A couple of shootings here, a few mass shootings there and riots are not far behind. Grandfather still loves to tell Russian Revolution stories his father told him. Shootings characterized the chaotic period just before the spontaneous popular revolution.

Man 4: All good for great grandfather’s coup, but the rioters were socialists. Now we have socialists in power in the U.S. and throughout most of the world. I predict legal challenges before any serious rioting. Frankly, I think training troops in the U.S. for riot control is a bit over the top.

Man 1: Blackwater has the U.S. covered. They were used after hurricane Katrina in New Orleans with orders to shot looters. The peasants didn’t blink an eye. No one complained to the ACLU.

Man 3: Our ACLU fronts would have dismissed them anyways.

Man 2: Future economics was a worry a century ago in Russia and is today for the Tea Party people.

Man 4: The Tea Parties were quite tame. None of them wore masks or covered their faces. At least my people cover up so identifying them is difficult. If these Tea people begin legal actions on public officials, how will we handle that?

Man 3: That’s covered with the Westfall Act.

Man 4: But the Westfall Act does not apply to a civil action against an employee of the Government who is sued for a violation of the Constitution of the United States. Seemingly every politician could be sued on those grounds.

Man 3: Yes, but winning the case in court is another story. We have many judges in our pockets. Hell, U.S. peasants have tried to expose that the personal income tax is illegal for years. Our legal fronts have blocked those efforts very nicely.

Man 2: In the U.S. we have the courts infiltrated with our fronts as high as the Supreme Court. If we need them, they will makeup a legal president like the ‘right of privacy’ in the Roe vs. Wade case.

Man 4: How is the politics of distraction working in the U.S.?

Man 2: The Pirate Plan experiment is over. We’re franchising that idea. Seemingly mighty nations can’t marginalize the Somalia pirates. They are on track to formalize the country’s government. Our agents are exploring other waterways to set up operations.

Man 3: I know our aim is to distract and implement, but in the U.S., Obama’s first 100 days is unnerving. ‘Distraction Politics’ has worked for our fathers and grandfathers but they never had to deal with the cable media, the Internet and twittering!! Hell, our agents even have Obama twittering!

Man 1: Overload is my concern. The economic non-crisis focused everyone. Now our agents are splintering their distractions. Torture, stress tests, new government regulations, and Janet Napolitano are occupying the U.S Congress while the rest of the world is shaking their heads.

Man 2: It’s unbelievable the peasants actually trust our corrupt politicians that broke their economy to fix it with more regulation! All that means is more control for us.

Man 3: The U.S. Congress and the American peasants are more naïve than you. Tacitus once said, “The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws”.

Man 2: Our agents have Obama addressing the people’s common concerns. I mean credit card, home mortgage and employment terms and contracts now open to presidential approval. We’ve got them thinking like peasants. Another couple of generations we’ll be back to feudalism. Our family history will have almost gone full circle.

Man 4: The foreign relations distractions with Cuba and Chavez are priceless. Obama should keep bowing to our Saudi king! Obama belongs in an Aladdin fantasy.

Man 3: All these Obama distractions are helping us implement universal healthcare in the U.S. When our agents have Obama wave the ‘healthcare magic wand’, the peasants shout hallelujah. This new healthcare data base will be more comprehensive than Social Security’s. Everyone needs medical attention sometime in their lives. Two generations from now all the peoples from the U.S. and the Americas will be in the system cataloged like animals.

Man 2: While some Americans are looking for the ‘mark of the beast’, they’ll be imprinted as 1s and 0s in their own healthcare data base.

Man 4: All we need is a crisis to scare the peasants into demanding implementation of nationalized healthcare and its data base.

Man 2: We’re working on the “Bird Flu”. I’ll inform our agents to have our fronts plant similarities of the deadly 1918 “Spanish flu” and our latest “Bird Flu” plague in the media.

Man 2: Soon, if any of us ever needs an organ transplant, we’ll have the American data base look for a donor.

Man 3: Impersonation and forgery will be nearly impossible with that data base. Tissue and blood types along with DNA will be the distinct identifiers.

Man 1: Throwing money at healthcare without analyzing the problem is so typically American. Chronic illnesses account for 75% of all their health care cost. Their health care payment system is antiquated. These two areas are where real progress could be made with healthcare reform. That’s too simple for their peasant minds. Keep the distractions going and no one will realize we’re building America’s all inclusive ‘peasant’ data base.

Man 2: Our IT industries are poised to absorb their billions like our financial people did! Let’s face it; we’ve started an avalanche of aimless spending in the U.S. This distraction allows us to shift their conservative culture to one with a laisser-faire social attitude.

Man 3: The gays are all revved up with the Miss USA thing. Now the gay thing is another major distraction. Talk about turning loose a bunch of screaming two-year-olds on a country of pilgrims… Our fronts are good.

Man 4: Our agents have Obama and the ‘looking forward’ distraction going well. His teleprompter readings are progressing, but we need him to look at the camera more. He reminds me of a windshield wiper on delay when he’s talking.

Man 1: Can’t understand why no one questions his knowledge or value of history. After all, history does repeat itself.

Man 2: Looking forward is a distraction in itself. It appeals to the goodness and hope in the human nature. Isn’t that right? (Glancing at Man 3)

Man 3: Looking forward is a childlike attitude void of reasoning. It covers up past mistakes. Looking forward is like investigating a fire for the first time – every time. One will get burnt over and over and over again.

Man1: Our agents are controlling U.S. enforcement officials with the threat of ‘looking forward’ to jail time. Who would have thought our fronts would get Bush to prosecute and jail those two boarder-patrol guards.

Man 4: Now the Mexican boarder is a real distraction especially for the southwest states and a free-flow for illegal migration.

Man 1: We have the CIA looking over their shoulders, too. This torture situation will allow your people to move more freely – everywhere. (Looking at Man 4) Control the “Jack Bauer’s” of the world and there’s no need for bad guys. The corrupt politicians are taking their place.

Man 3: Isn’t Obama taking the moral high ground when it comes to torture, the CIA and the terrorists?

Man 1: Yea, like he takes the moral high ground on abortion. Some 50 million babies aborted in the U.S. alone. He must be trying to keep the next ‘Jack Bauer’ from being born like Herod tried to do with Jesus over 2000 years ago!

Man 4: In twenty years there will be enough Muslim voters in the U.S. to elect the President! That’s one generation.

Man 3: Some say that Obama is the Muslim president.

Man 2: That’s just a distraction. (Smiling)


Ukulele Lady

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Check out the song, Ukulele Lady by Richard Whiting & Gus Kahn (©Bourne Inc. ASCAP). Click on link below and listen. You’ll have to use the back button to get back to Ukulele Lady’s blog!


Ukulele Lady mellows the mind with peaceful harmonies. It starts off putting the listener in Hawaii. It continues with moonlight, a girl and the ukulele. This ‘close your eyes’ recipe for romance drifts through the brain like a tropical breeze.

Politicking with this tropical breeze seems sacrilegious. After all, Ukulele Lady appeases the restless into dreamland. Politics, on the other hand, slings mud and corrupts all it touches. For many years, but more so today, the U.S. is in the hands of incompetent, corrupt politicians. Turning Ukulele Lady loose on politicians makes as much sense as not putting National Guard troops on the Mexican border.

I saw the splendor of the moonlight
On Honolulu Bay
There’s something tender in the moonlight
On Honolulu Bay

Honolulu Bay has rolling surf, reflecting the moonlight and a breeze that sets the scene for ‘carefree’ living. Imagine Obama talking ‘moonlit’ hope.

Carefree is healthy for the soul. Only the splendor-less politician and the internationally wealthy have a claim on carefree today. (Maybe a few hippies that don’t pay taxes do too.) Citizens were carefree when credit was tender. Now only the political elite in the name of acting tender for the not so carefree are still in a carefree Honolulu Bay, moonlight mood.

And all the beaches are filled with peaches
Who bring their ukes along
And in the glimmer of the moonlight
They love to sing this song

With peaches in bikinis on the beaches, who cares about politics? (Bill Clinton could do both.) The ukes mellow out the vibe like Obama mellows out the press peaches. He invites communication without communicating. The ukes songs and the moonlight communicate mellow. Obama’s followers are moonstruck with his mellow, moonlit double speak.

Obama releases a ‘this is heaven’ fantasy like Ukulele Lady. While bashing AIG, his teleprompter authors are reshaping the world’s financial landscape. The fantasy that Obama cares is the love song his followers are hearing.

Politicians have ukulele power, too. They use it to attract their peaches. (no offense, Barney) They pretend to be a ‘glimmer of the moonlight’ as they try to fix everything from education to economy to health care to delivering mail to guiding national security. Funny as a ukulele ‘fantasy’, they have no education qualifying them to do any of these things. They have grabbed their power by singing a ukulele song. These ukulele singers are robbing U.S. citizens of their own ukulele fantasies and freedoms.

If you like Ukulele Lady
Ukulele Lady like a’you
If you like to linger where it’s shady
Ukulele Lady linger too

Politicians linger where life’s easy. Most have no real-life work experiences. Friends of these politicians, from countries to corporations (currently financial institutions) to citizens, are lingering easy, too.

Politicians are lingering in a pipe dream. They match the way they govern with the fantasy they’re living. They linger without discipline. A lingering politician without discipline translates into insanity for the U.S. Their insane spending is sending future generations into debt today. Eventually, heavy tax burdens with skyrocketing inflation will move citizens to linger into unemployment lines.

If you kiss Ukulele Lady
While you promise ever to be true
And she sees another Ukulele
Lady foolin’ ’round with you

Corrupt politicians kiss every promise of money. They fool around with both sides of any issue to see where the money is. When caught, they deny and lie so Ukulele Lady doesn’t find out!

Like Ukulele Lady, corrupt politicians fantasize about good intentions. Problem: good intentions have no finish line. The space between good intentions and reality is huge.

Now when the U.S. citizens need space between murdering illegals on the Mexican border, politicians are just foolin’ ’round. They are foolin’ ‘round playing the blame game turning U.S. citizen’s attention away from their incompetence towards a few corporate bonuses. Where’s the outcry when these same politicians get annual raises and perks far beyond the average corporate executive’s.

Maybe she’ll sigh (an awful lot)
Maybe she’ll cry (and maybe not)
Maybe she’ll find somebody else
By and by

In Obama-speak, maybe is hope.
Maybe the political corruption reality will disappear with good intentions. Maybe Barrack and Michelle will move out of the White House into an apartment to save tax payers money ala California’s Jerry Brown! Maybe, but don’t hold your breath. Michelle likes being the queen-bee: by and by!

To sing to when it’s cool and shady
Where the tricky wicky wacky woo
If you like Ukulele Lady
Ukulele Lady like a’you

Corporate bailouts are tacky, wacky wooing. Rewarding incompetence at the big business level and not helping small businesses is not fair. Allowing big business the freedom to lose money without consequences confirms a wacky in the cool and shady, world’s financial restructuring scheme.

Obama’s boys are wooing friends of big business for more campaign money. When the ‘I like a’you’ is over, they will pull a tricky wicky wachy and say I’m the boss of you!!

She used to sing to me by moonlight
On Honolulu Bay
Fond memories cling to me by moonlight
Although I’m far away

Citizens will have fond memories of the promises Obama sang by moonlight. How he promised to be true. Some will fondly recall how Obama’s administration made a big stink about AIG’s bonuses, justifying citizen’s anger. Others will have not so fond memories of how his administration ignored the Mexican drug cartels taking over the southern Border States. Future grandparents will share fond memories with their young ones of what the U.S. was like having a ‘moonlit’ middle class.

Some day I’m going, where eyes are glowing
And lips are made to kiss
To see somebody in the moonlight
And hear the song I miss

The movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ won an academy award for best picture. Obama may have ignited a dream by getting elected but now he’s inspiring a Slumdog nightmare. The hope of SOMEDAY being kissed by somebody in the moonlight will only happen tomorrow around a garbage pile.

Ukulele Lady sings peaceful harmonies on the sands of Honolulu Bay. The Hawaiian moonlight, tropical breeze, the girl and the ukulele inspire far more positive images than corrupt politicians. Sorry, Ukulele Lady for bringing you into U.S. political insanity. Just find the cool, shady spot far from D.C. and we’ll be there with you.

VOTB: Vote Out The (tricky wicky wacky woo) Bums – every incumbent, every election.

Then someday by evolutionary chance citizens may get men with ‘wisdom to discern and virtue to pursue the common good of the society’. (Alexander Hamilton or James Madison, Federalist No. 57, 19 February 1788)

And then all citizens can enjoy Ukulele Lady’s harmonies in peaceful bliss.

Visit the VOTB store and spread the word.

One more listen.ukulele-lady.mp3


Ukulele Lady

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“Ukulele Lady” ukulele-lady.mp3

Post following soon. Listen to the song first!


Conversation 2: Freedom Slayer

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Another fantasy conversation. People are fictional. Ideas are not!

Man 2: How was your trip down?

Man 1: Sometimes, I question the price we pay for our privacy. I had to take a train south to get out of the fridge weather. I didn’t want to gamble on the plane’s deicing mechanism. I took a train to Vancouver and flew from there. You know how I hate mingling but it was unavoidable.

Man 3: You get use to the cold when you live at altitude. Layers and a good woman are the secrets to staying warm.

Man 4: It’s even cold across the Pacific. Sometimes I wonder how people can be so taken with our global warming scam.

Man 3: People that think like peasants are peasants, my grandfather use to say. They will eat whatever we feed them. Today it’s global warming and financial crisis, tomorrow………

Man 2: Our agents have been very active since we last met. They have placed a salesman-front in the White House. We even have a key player as secretary of the U.S. treasury. Our global warming scam (as you call it – I prefer to label it as a movement for our enrichment!) has entered its ‘civil disobedience’ phase. Our front has organized the gullible young to march on DC protesting coal-fire energy plants. Our economic reorganization is paralleling the social restructuring with little opposition. We are on a roll!

Man 3: That youth civil disobedience is a page right out of Hitler’s playbook! The peasants are as gullible today as they were 70 years ago.

Man 1: And our media fronts, primarily Reuters and AP, have been playing the ‘financial meltdown’ symphony endlessly. Their word is gospel.

Man 4: Too bad Obama will go down in history as the American ‘Freedom Slayer’. He’s a nice guy, but clueless. Then again, he is greeting the peasants with more confidence and pomp then when first elected. Amazing, isn’t it, the illusion of power and the pageantry it creates.

Man 3: I will have an agent contact his handlers for shore up his unscripted times. Right now he’s not terribly convincing without a teleprompter. Even with one he puts me to sleep.

Man 4: Yea! Tell them to shorten his speeches, too. My people get everyone’s attention with a 3-minute clip.

Man 1: Well, when your clip is about eliminating Israel or beheading some poor soul, you get everyone’s attention immediately. Obama has to take the blame. I like the historical label we’ve chosen for him – Freedom Slayer. It has such a marketable chime.

Man 4: The American people would suck on a bar of soap for him. Besides, he and his family will be taken care of. He’s ecstatic just becoming a member of the political-elite, even though they are all fronts for our agents.

Man 1: The peasants all over the world might be eating soap if we keep tightening the economic screws. Putting a positive twist on stealing people’s retirement money has been challenging. But a front at the Atlantic Online press authored a keen article ‘How the Crash will Reshape America’. I especially like the part about urban areas being the centers of creativity. Now that’s a tough sell.

Man 2: I liked the part about pushing people to rent homes instead of buying. The American Dream experiment has outlived its usefulness. How could our fathers foresee the 1900’s middle-class asset-boom?

Man 3: The restructuring has begun. We’ll refloat the economy and repackage the political games to favor our ideas.

Man 4: But if the peasants don’t buy houses, our banks won’t collect interest.

Man 3: After we reorganize the banks with bailouts and mergers, restructuring American society will quickly follow. Besides our bank’s reserves are at an all-time high.

Man 1: That’s right. But you forget (looking at Man 4) when we own a majority of the housing we collect the rent through our fronts. Our agents then move the capital around, cleanse it, and we corner more wealth than ever before. The peasants will get taxed without even knowing it while living in their affordable government-assisted urban housing.

Man 2: When the rent becomes a running tax on housing, we will be better able to control global economic conditions. The more American peasants rent the greater our control over them!

Man 3: As we have the Freedom Slayer take America down, one inflation dollar at a time, we can’t lose focus. Remember the human nature leans towards rebellion. We need to keep a voting majority on our side. Historically, empires fail because rulers lose interest in the people. We need to have our fronts sincerely caring about the people in order to keep our taxes flowing.

Man 4: Isn’t that our agent’s job to keep our fronts in line?

Man 1: They are but our trickle-up poverty idea is causing fairness problems. The question of fairness can grind at the peasants. We’re giving some peasants breaks from taxes to health care. Fairness is being asked about Freedom Slayer’s policies.

Man 4: You mean our policies?

Man 3: Yes, but when the riots break out, we need to have more peasants condemning the rioters than participating. We don’t need another 60’s environment. That’s why we ridded ourselves of the draft in the U.S. It involved too many people. Now we can bribe the poor to be soldiers for the U.S. and fight our wars.

Man 2: We just need to give these peasants something to feel good about. I’ll take on that responsibility. The government unemployment and social welfare handouts will calm many. The ‘Green’ movement has touchy feel-good all over it. I think the heavily taxed middle-class will continue to financially support the government.

Man 4: How could you anticipate that conclusion? Many of my people are only motivated by spiritual things. We fight on principle not emotions.

Man 2: Because money is their god. Their security lies in bank assets. With a little latitude on our part, they will try to recreate the middle-class asset boom of the middle to late 1900s.

Man 4: I vote to give the peasants hope of getting back their lost assets. But, what happens when they figured out the game is rigged and get frustrated?

Man 3: That’s what your people are for. We can always unite the peasants behind a crisis. When are the agents you control going to hit the U.S. again?

Man 4: They are on their own timetable. Unless, of course, we really push them.

Man 1: We are not quite ready for another crisis. We need this financial meltdown to solidity the Freedom Slayer’s place in history. I feel, near the end of his first term, might be the time to elevate him to super-savior status.

Man 2: Besides by then the money being used to shore up our financial framework isn’t going to be worth much more than the paper it’s printed on. The banks will be nationalized by the Freedom Slayer’s people. I think we should keep the ‘recession’ going for the reasonable future.

Man 4: What’s the reasonable future?

Man 2: We need to spread our economic cooperation propaganda – globally. We have people thinking worldwide with global warming. We just need our fronts to transfer that sentiment to economic cooperation.

Man 3: The last time we went global, your experiments caused concern.

Man 2: It’s not my fault. It was those damn greedy gorillas attacking our test facility. If they wouldn’t have tampered with the security systems, those test monkeys wouldn’t have repopulated the jungles.

Man 1: If the starving refugees would have passed on eating monkeys. And if the monkey brains weren’t such a delicacy in Asia (eyeballing Man 3) we could have contained the virus. Now there are so many strains, we’ll just have to let it run its course.

Man 2: The Freedom Slayer can relate to your people. (Nodding at Man 4) The Middle East experiment is going better.

Man 4: Our Freedom Slayer is trying to stimulate America’s economy and socialize industry at the same time. My agents have the U.S. media pulling out their hair. They think he’s confused and he’s beginning to scare the political talking heads.

Man 1: Our agents tell us that the Federal Reserve is doing its part in bringing about speculation, commodity inflation, financial disorder, bankruptcies, and continued economic recession. The peasants need a ’Shriek’ to come to their rescue.

Man 4: As the U.S. goes, so goes the Middle East. But I reject the idea that the nuclear option has to be used in Iran. I agree that Iran is simply too vast to occupy, but to use nuks would be dangerous.

Man 3: You know we’ll need another 911 to unite the peasants. That will take their peanut brains off the financial meltdown and get them singing the ‘Star Spangle Banner’!

Man 2: Of course, that’s how we tie the Middle East to the U.S. The U.S. government will stage a fake nuclear attack and blame it on the Iranians. The U.S. will strike Iran with Israel’s help.

Man 1: The nuked parts Iran will be unoccupied and oil free. The Freedom Slayer will take credit for being tough. We’ll need some Oswalds. You need to contact your agents. (Looking at Man 4)

Man 4: We’ll be ready.

Man 2: So is the Freedom Slayer!

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‘How the Crash will Reshape America’


The Conversation

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This fantasy conservation among four extremely wealthy men takes place in a Swiss Alps chalet. These men are generationally wealthy. Bill Gates and George Soros type money relates to a small fraction of their wealth. They are the current-day movers of cultures and the molders of kingdoms. This conversation takes place in a musty, smoking room. Each is smoking his favorite cigar and sipping his brandy of choice. The servants have left the room.

Man 1: The time seems right. Shall we pull the plug on the world’s economy?

Man 2: (sitting across from #1): The set-up has been marvelous. We’ve even made money while the rest are looking for scraps. I think I’m ready to pull the trigger.

Man 3: (Sitting to the left of #1): My favorite part of the set-up was watching people as the governments kept throwing money our way, as if the debt they owe us is real. They actually bought our media’s hype.

Man 4: (sitting to the right of #1): Can you blame them? After all, their leaders bought our debt/credit scheme decades ago thanks to my man in Washington. Now they actually believe our financial crisis scenario. This is the 6th or 7th time we’ve used the crisis strategy. How many times can we repeat it? How many times can we use the same crisis?

Man 3: As many times as necessary to keep the game going. Just watching the sincerity on the faces of their politicians is worth the price of admission. I do miss Reagan. Now he was a REAL actor!

Man 1: Our plans have worked to perfection. (Looking at Man 2) Your greed rational for the debt/credit scheme was pure genius. What made you so sure we could take down the richest nation in history based on individual greed?

Man 2: Human nature! We’ve nipped the greed momentum in Europe with socialism and taxes. Communism and dictatorships have kept greedy leaders in check around the rest of the world. We just needed to bring the Unites States to their financial knees. They were getting (pause) uppity.

Man 2: – continues: Even my genius didn’t see the American government reinventing Roosevelt’s ‘New Deal’. And now the peasants will be working for their own money.

Man 3: What do you mean? I must have been off on a Polo trip and missed this idea.

Man 2: Well, government is people. Specifically, the U.S. government has no power but what the people give to their representatives. So, the government’s money could be the people’s money, except for the grandfatherly (central bank) help we got in the past.

Our economists have told U.S. politicians that they need more money in circulation to fix this crisis. (‘Stimulate the economy’ – is the talking-point). Instead of the government just printing and giving people money, they will make them work for it by giving out ‘New old-Deal’ jobs. The peasants will gratefully work for their own money. These suckers will even pay higher taxes on their own money. After all, they have to pay interest on their national debt – to us! (Pause and a gratifying sigh) Genius – pure genius!

Man 4: Have we gone too far – too fast? It’s clear we can still have fun adding to our wealth. After all we’re still not sure all the gold we control will be valuable after the collapse. Sure the masses of humanity in urban areas will need something to barter with. But in the rural areas, labor would be the more marketable than gold.

Man 3: I always knew you were a Marxist at heart. (Eyeballing Man 4) Workers Unite!!

Man 2: My concern isn’t the speed but the taxability angle. I want to make things happen but I like making money too. When we finally pull the plug, how are we going to keep our taxation game going with the peasants eating ‘stone soup’?

Man 1: How much wealth do we really need? (The other three shook their heads and smiled.) I can only watch people grovel so much, ignoring their disbelief.

Man 2: Once the collapse happens we’ll need to implement the population thinning process.

Man 3: We’ve already seen how to handle specific population groupings during the 40’s. We can do the same now. We’ve given the people enough entertainment and political distractions that they haven’t noticed our advanced arrangements right in their back yard. We have foreign troops, detention camps and equipment ready to go.

Man 4: Brilliant idea (Looking at Man 3.) to use foreign troops for riot control and people processing. They won’t hesitate shooting (ugly) Americans that they’ve learn to hate over the decades thanks to CIA imperialism. My concern is our Muslim friends. We’ve promised them victory. When they figure out they’ve been had, what do we do with them?

Man 2: They don’t pay any taxes and are always asking for cash anyways. Without money they’ll go back to their roots and wait for the next jihad.

Man 4: Watch it. Jihad is very real to some of us. Besides there are stockpiled weapons in the U.S.

Man 3: They will still need money and will try to get places to use the weapons. Funny that the Americans wouldn’t racial profile, but there’s nothing stopping us from doing it when the time is right. For now, the cells across America are in place thanks to our friends at the ACLU.

Man 2: As the personal finances of the Americans dwindle, we’ll need the Muslims to turn up the heat and cause civil unrest.

Man 3: Yes, another crisis – smiling!

Man 2: The Americans will welcome troops in their neighborhoods, even if they’re from Russia, Central/South America or China! They will have forgotten about the economy.

Man 4: – (grinning): After all – it’s a crisis! This is too much fun. My vote – let the games continue!

Man 3: You’re right. This is fun. Let’s meet again in 3 months. This crisis making is as challenging as a good polo match.

Man 1: OK, everyone continue with your assignments. (Nodding at Man 2) Your place!

Man 2: Sure, I like my home in South America; we have so many friends there!