Rush For Hillary

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Rush is for Hillary

Rush is a closet Hillary supporter. His “operation chaos” has bolstered Hillary’s elect ability. He claims to be causing the democrat party to eat their young. But his real mission is to get Hillary as the presidential candidate. He would rather attack a woman because of his deep-seated female psychosis. He is jealous of Obama’s charisma and the hope he brings to the political process.

This week Rush’s program has turned into a bash Obama marathon. Obama’s comments about people clinging to religion and guns shows how in touch he is with Americans. What would Rush rather people cling to in recession (bordering on depression) times? A belief in God is eternal salvation. That idea trumps anything Rush and the rest of the self-serving media would what people to cling too.

Rush and those who are critical of Obama are showing how out of touch they are with the plight of the average American. Inflation is killing the average person’s paycheck. The American dream of owning a home is disappearing for those in their 20s and up.

The REAL elitist in this story is the criticizing, self-righteous media. They have no clue how the price of energy, food or housing today is effecting the average person. Rush and those types are insulated from the average folks by their entertainment paychecks. Those paychecks are allowing them to spew distorted, self-serving rhetoric.

Someone needs to come out with a bumper sticker “Rush for Hillary”.

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