The New Kingmaker

Rahm Imanuel’s gamble paid off. He positioned himself at the top of Chicago politics, thinking ahead for his personal well-being. Why would anyone leave the president’s side and the powerful national stage to take a local mayoral position? Answer: to sit on the throne of future Democrat presidential politics.

Simply explained, all future Democrat presidential candidates will have to go through the Chicago machine to get elected. That means candidates will pay a substantial ’street tax’ to get access to precinct level voting centers, especially in the Midwest. Voting centers that stuff ballot boxes. Voting centers monitored by radical groups like the New Black Panthers. Voting centers that block the opposition’s ballot checkers. Voting centers that allow voters multiple votes. Voting centers that shred absentee and opposition votes.

Rahm has a proven track record. This Chicago machine got a non-American elected not once but twice. He is the Democrat’s newest official kingmaker!

Take your mind off the irrational and get fictionized with the new political drama. A politician’s secret life exposed as you can only imagine.

Rahm Imanuel will be the last man standing from obama’s socialistic revolution. Future presidents will kiss his feet. The socialistic Democrat party will be controlled by the Chicago political machine set up back the Capone years.

At the personal level, obama’s election and re-election means the loss of personal freedoms and substantial increases in everyone’s taxes. Middle class Americans will need to defend their turf. They will have less hope today then yesterday of gathering personal wealth. They will try to make their daily life’s status last as long as possible.

For those forty years and under, be prepared to pay up to 80% of your future earnings to government in one form or another. America is no longer the land of earning, economic opportunity. It’s the land of taking, economic opportunity. America future is lukewarm at best.

Rahm exemplifies what individuals need to do to survival in socialistic America. Personally, think ahead. Make yourself needed and valued by people in government or people with money. The new economy is ripe with opportunities for the taking! Just ask Rahm!